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16 February 2019

Interior Design – Affordable and yours


This week style icon Karl Lagerfeld died. In case you’re asking who – Karl Lagerfeld designed
fashion for over 65 years and is worth Googling. Like allot of people written about in the
media today he was loved and loathed. Still creating the destiny of fashion at age 85, he was genius.

Karl Lagerfeld had style and spent his life creating. He designed clothing, theatre costumes,
products and many everyday mainstream items.

His designs were not just for the wealthy. In 2004 Lagerfeld was the first couture designer to design a range of clothes for international high street chain H&M. Many other famous fashion designers followed.

Karl Lagerfeld understood the importance of having his designs accessible to millions of people. While he was a creative designer, he appreciated and surrounded himself with beauty and people. Living in Sydney Australia, the world of Lagerfeld in Paris was 17,000 kilometres away.

The message here is that great design is available and accessible to many people throughout the world. Whether it be architecture, industrial design, painting, graphics or whatever field. It includes interior design.

Karl Lagerfeld excited and enhanced the lives of many people with his creative thinking and
so too do other designers. Designer influencers can be historical references, everyday occurrences, the economy, wars, world events, other people, imagination.

Many people say they can’t afford interior designers but the reality is far different. The pieces of furniture like chairs, tables, light fittings we buy have all been designed and manufactured by designers. So too is the clothing we wear, the houses we live in, the buildings they work in, the transport systems we use.
The products consumers surround themselves with have been influenced by other designers and a myriad of events and circumstances.

The amount of satisfaction people get from the same item can vary completely from I don’t like it to I can’t live without it.

The phrase “it’s all right“ is unacceptable in a world where there is more choice than at any other time in world history.

Interior designers like fashion designers can suggest, create and surround you with the products you do like and love. It’s advantageous to use their services.

Like other professions designers are influenced and aware of the entire world around them and not limited to particular localities.

Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy will live on. His achievements will be able to be reinterpreted. With the emergence of greater technology his creations may be able to become more affordable and mainstream.

The same is true for all living and deceased designers. Increased technology brings with it the possibility of increased market size.

Successive generations of people have felt more empowered to be able to do things themselves. The difficulty is navigating through the maze.

Designers like Karl Lagerfeld helped people navigate through this world and have fun.
This too is what successful interior designers do.
The choice is affordable and yours to make.

Successful interior design, like all successful design, does trickle down.