About us

The journey to timeless sophistication

An Experienced Design Company

Sharp Design Solutions is a multidisciplinary design company combining interior design, architecture, town planning and art. We specialize in all forms of residential design.

With over 35 years of design experience in a variety of design fields including hotels, resorts, commercial buildings and all types of residential buildings. Our team's knowledge is able to provide you with the residence of your dreams.

Approaching every project in a considered and creative way, our completed projects display practical, intelligent, and cohesive solutions layered with flexibility and opportunity.

Committed to clients

Our design efforts attest to our commitment to our clients, providing solutions greater than expectations.

Our design philosophy is to liaise directly with clients, establishing a relationship. Any questions, please ask, sums up our commitment to service. We are a creative catalyst for clients. Whether it be timeless sophistication or funky play house we have the skills to produce.

The principal designer is Paul Sharpless who saw the need for a one stop design shop encompassing interior design, architecture, town planning and art.

Heart of our work

Interior design is at the heart of all our projects. Residences have to have a heart. That happens in the interior spaces. The body of the building also has to look great. This happens with architecture. The collaboration between interior design and architecture is important.

All of this can be a waste of time if the town planners are not keeping an eye on the emerging residence ensuring it passes council and government guidelines. Thus we have inhouse town planners.

It is no good designing a house council won’t allow to be built and spend endless time trying to get the project through. We are results driven for clients.

The principal designer Paul Sharpless has over 35 years of design experience

Why choose Sharp Design Solutions for your design?

One stop shop

We are a one stop design shop.

Multidisciplinary design company

Interior design, architecture, artworks and town planning in house, our team will collaborate to ensure your design is built and completed.

Results driven

We are results driven. Talking about it is not doing it. If you have a project in mind, speak to us and let us provide our services for you.

Any questions, please ask

We will work with you to ensure you are aware of the progression throughout your project. We will assist you in any way we can to enable you travel with us through the journey to completion.

Full documentation and transparency

Drawings, excel spreadsheets showing expenditure and projected costs, 3d perspectives, walk throughs. Sample sheets. Full documentation.

More than 35 years of design experience

With more than 35 years of design experience in many areas of design I and the team at Sharp Design Solutions are able to genuinely help and guide people through the decisions they make.

Expenditure costings upfront:

All costings and expenditure is up front to avoid surprises. As the client, you have budgetary control.

Friendly Team, We don’t bite.

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