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Interior Design

The heart and soul of your home

We specialize in residential design. As our circumstances change there is often need to change our interiors. Interior changes often also occur because of changes or improvements in technology such as lighting, sound, google Chromecast for TV, kitchen appliances and the like. Many aspects of interior design are science based and not only about the aesthetic. Interior design, like architecture, is about form and function. Each client at Sharp Design Solutions is individual and requires an individual solution to ensure maximum happiness. Yes, interior design, architecture, artwork and town planning all involve happiness or it certainly does when we work with you. We take pride in the solutions we provide for you, and your response experiencing what we create. Interior design continues to evolve and we continue to assess the many changes, and their applicability to your circumstances. If you are looking for a creative results driven design team please consider us. We are a multidisciplinary design company able to assist you to live a more pleasurable life.

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Bring the skillset and mindset in-house

Whether you’re transforming what you already have or building something from nothing, we use our experience to help realise your vision and create something remarkable.
Our team of qualified professionals work with you to deliver practical and innovative solutions designed to your personal needs.
Working closely with our in-house planning team, we also take responsibility for getting all the planning and building regulations your project needs. This means we can make sure there are no detours along the way and straight approvals from Councils.
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Embed new practices across your organisation

Sharp Design Solutions is a creative design company. As such over the years we have created artworks, designed products such as custom wall coverings, wrought iron balustrades, wrought iron fencing and gates, or designed custom light fittings, etched mirrors, glow in the dark egress exits, and a huge variety of other art items. Clients have requested custom artworks and we have designed and created them. Art forms a large part of the way with design. Be it interior design, architecture or town planning art forms a component of the solution in all three. As a creative design company, we acknowledge the importance and presence of art in our designs.
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Town Planning

Design better services, experiences and systems

We enjoy working with clients from an early stage, to consider whether a proposed development would be feasible, right through to lodgement and approval processes. Through our professional and common-sense approach, our team looks to relieve our clients of the stress and worry that often comes with dealing with local councils.
We provide value throughout the life of a development project, including at inception, during design development, during the approvals stage, and post-approval and construction.

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As a one stop design shop we will work with you to provide a full spectrum of documentation. Along our journey we will produce documentation for yourself the client and all authorities.

Design documentation

Design Documentation

We can produce whatever is required to enable you to understand your design both initially and during construction.
3D visualization

3D Visualization

This will assist you to more understand your design showing sizes, colors, material finishes, sunlight and shade.

3D Walkthrough

We can produce whatever is required to enable you to understand your design both initially and during construction.

What clients say

A fresh perspective

I used Paule recently to assist with my kitchen and Bathroom renovations and could not be happier. No renovations goes smoothly and mine was definitely no exception but having Paul there to guide me through, was fantastic. He always answered to the phone and was happy to come out to review the last issue that had arisen and had a solution.
Would not hesitate to recommend him.

Wade Warren

Thanks Paul for a great job designing and having made our 2 drawer units for our lounge room!  I am very pleased with the finished product and happy to recommend!

Denise Nebel

Paul at Sharp Design Solutions has a wealth of knowledge which he happily shared with us. Our home renovation is wonderful to live in, especially during the current Covid 19 lock down. We are extremely happy with the result. Paul showed complete professionalism with dedication to his work and promptness. I recommend Sharp Design Solutions completely.

Joe G

I found Paul from Sharp Design Solutions online whilst looking for black bedroom furniture.  Paul was quick to respond to my initial enquiry and assured us that he could work with us to produce what we had in mind. Paul came to our home, had a look at the space, talked to us about the base design we were interested in and worked out the dimensions of each of the pieces we were after and provided us with an initial quote. When it was clear we could not fit one of the pieces up the stairwell, Paul came up with an innovative solution to fix the problem without detracting from the end product.

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