How we work

One creative step a day

We meet.

We can discuss your design requirements in person, over the phone or by other means. This meeting takes place at a convenient time for you. For most clients, this is after work or on a Saturday.

We listen, then define the brief and develop a scope of works.

With this preliminary information, as designers we then go away and produce a design proposal and a scope of works to suit your individual circumstances. We take into account the short term and long term client’s circumstances.
With over 35 years of design experience we find it beneficial to go through the design proposal again with the client and at this stage outline the benefits of any design suggestions or changes.
There may be several conversations determining the scope of works before you the client agree.


Along the way we provide you with the tools to understand your journey.

At this time we will also provide a letter of agreement setting out the costings of our services, time lines, any costings on products if known, and the scope of works. Upon acceptance of the letter of agreement we will then follow through with plans, drawings, perspectives, walk throughs, an excel spreadsheet listing all costings and expenses and fully documented scope of works. There will also be regular updates and we will be there for any questions. As we say, any questions, please ask.
Once the documentation has been prepared we can then prepare cost estimates and finalise some costing for products and services. The resultant design and costings is then presented to the client for review, revision, and final approval.

We manage and construct your project to its completion.

Having reached agreement on the design we can then proceed with the implementation and administration of the project.
The time periods for these different actions are set out in the agreement. Whatever services you require, interior design, architecture, town planning or the design and implementation of artworks, our skilled people will take responsibility to ensure you receive the best result.
Being a one stop design shop, the crossover of skills in Sharp Design Solutions ensures all our projects are carefully assessed and implemented.
The addition of town planning services to our team resources ensures our projects, especially architectural projects, will not be held up unnecessarily by councils.
We strive to make it easy for you. Most importantly our services are affordable. We offer best price pricing. To find out more, contact us now.

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