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We specialize in residential design. As our circumstances change there is often need to change our interiors. Interior changes often also occur because of changes or improvements in technology such as lighting, sound, google Chromecast for TV, kitchen appliances and the like. Many aspects of interior design are science based and not only about the aesthetic. Interior design, like architecture, is about form and function. Each client at Sharp Design Solutions is individual and requires an individual solution to ensure maximum happiness. Yes, interior design, architecture, artwork and town planning all involve happiness or it certainly does when we work with you. We take pride in the solutions we provide for you, and your response experiencing what we create. Interior design continues to evolve and we continue to assess the many changes, and their applicability to your circumstances. If you are looking for a creative results driven design team please consider us. We are a multidisciplinary design company able to assist you to live a more pleasurable life.

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