Architect Simple House Design: Things to Consider

At some point in our lives, we have dreamt of owning a functional, safe, and beautiful house where we can spend the rest of our lives alone or with the people we love. Of course, integrating and realising your vision will need the expertise of a professional, even when you’re just aiming for an architect's simple house design.  

Getting the services of a professional offering design solutions enables you to achieve your dream house with less hassle. Before jumping into renovating or building your home, though, here are the factors you need to consider for planning and designing.

5 Things to Consider When Planning and Designing a House

Planning and designing a house go beyond discussing everything you want to see in your house’s interior and exterior parts. Sometimes, the simpler you think about it, the more complex it is in the making. You may refer to this list of things to consider before drafting plans for your property.

1. Your Budget

Yep, most of the things you need to build your dream house start with money. That is why your design must be realistic and achievable with your available funds.

When you have your budget, you can account for all your needs and other possible costs of every construction task. The good thing about having architects in the process is that they can provide you with insights on how to meet your dream designs without risking the feasibility of the construction, ensuring that these two should be in sync.  

It is also important to avoid the misconception that designing your home on your own is a money-saving idea. Without you knowing, this may result in costly expenses in the future due to repairs and reworks.

2. Your Location

After you have established your budget for the construction, proceed with your location plan. Unless you inherit a land property, you should find a lot that will fit the design you have in mind or adjust the design according to your house’s location and plot.  

Aside from that, you must note that your location affects the overall size of your house, especially when you reserve rooms for development in the coming years. Remember, you can make renovations or remodelling in your house, but you can’t change the location. Hence, choosing the site for your home can either be a good or bad investment.  

That is why choose wisely and seek help from experts like an architect.  

More importantly, you must consider the existing building codes in Australia before trying to achieve that architect’s simple house design. These codes govern the technical provisions you must address before building your structures.

3. Size of the House

As mentioned earlier, the available building space on your plot determines the size of your house. When deciding, you must prioritise how comfortable this could be for you and/or your family. You must also make sure that your home suits the size of your family.  

Architects, engineers, and other experts study the different aspects of your house to establish a working design, including interior design solutions for you. There are also technicalities—which they will discuss with you—that you must consider to help you decide the size of your home.

4. Layout of the House

It is crucial to spend enough time deciding on a proper layout for your house with an architect and an interior designer. The room, walls, and floor plans should be logical when viewed in a bigger image. Moreover, the layout must be coherent—following the four basic principles of layout design: proximity, alignment, repetition, and contrast.  

If you need some inspiration for your house’s interiors, you can ask for your architect’s simple house design portfolio. Perhaps, you can take inspiration from these designs and make some changes, depending on your preferences.  

If you’re in Australia, our team at Sharp Design Solutions will help you with architecture and interior design in Sydney. We specialise in all forms of residential design, which will be the key to having your dream house designed, approved, and built.

5. Future Costs

Now, think long-term. When you build a house, it is crucial to watch out for possible expenses you will pay in the long run. When you prepare yourself for this, you won’t take off money from your funds that are supposed to be for other stuff.  

As a homeowner, you are also responsible for paying your property taxes. These taxes will vary depending on the situation of your town, city, or country. Aside from that, you must also set aside a budget for renovation, especially with possible leaks, plumbing issues, and others.

Sharp Design Solutions Will Help You Achieve That Dream Home!

Whether you want an architect’s simple house design or an interior that boasts sophistication, our team of experts will design, plan, and draft the house of your dreams. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 0414 91 91 91, and let’s discuss your dream house design.

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