Custom Kitchen Design Ideas

You don’t need to be an executive chef in a world-renowned restaurant to have an expertly designed kitchen. Sharp Design Solutions brings you custom kitchen designs that will get you the best of both worlds—functionality and aesthetics. We’ve been cooking up magnificent interior designs for your houses for over 30 years now.  

Before you renovate or build a kitchen, here are some of the best design ideas we recommend:

1. Be Contemporary

Nothing beats a modern kitchen in a contemporary world. Make your kitchen feel new and inviting once again by incorporating minimalism in your design. You can update your metals, repaint your cabinetry, and install new lighting to give more life to your kitchen. You can look through our gallery for modern kitchen designs.

2. Make the Colours Fun

If you’re not a fan of minimalism, you can use different colours for your design. Bring your kitchen to life by painting faux floor tiles in a pattern you like. You may also hang café curtains and cover your glass-enclosed with a matching wallpaper from the inside.

3. Add Drama with Black Tiles...

While some people want neutral or earth tones around them, others prefer the darkest tone of them all—black. This custom kitchen design brings out dramatic yet classy vibes. Plus, glossy black tiles help bounce light in the kitchen.

4. ...Or Cheerfulness with Yellow

Yellow is the universal colour of happiness, and it can be a pretty colour for your kitchen. This can bring cheerfulness to the entire house, like how the food you serve on the table puts smiles on the faces of your family and friends. You have the freedom to choose from cream, pale yellow, and bright yellow and paint happiness for everyone! “It was all yellow,” as Coldplay would put it.

5. Hide a Mini Pantry

A mini pantry is a great addition to every kitchen. And usually, it is always on display. But when the goods in your pantry can’t fit the main part of your kitchen, you can make good use of your kitchen space by creating a mini hidden pantry.

6. Use Artsy Wallpapers

If you’re not into monochromatic kitchen design, you can use artsy wallpapers that will put more life into your kitchen. Some companies that offer interior design services to their clients will help you choose the best wallpapers that you can mix and match for your kitchen.

7. Hang Cloth Curtains

Cloth curtains aren’t just a thing of the past. They can make your kitchen look retro and add movement to it. You can ditch cabinets and use cloth curtains instead for a more colourful look.

8. Add Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

The kitchen cabinets you find in your local stores are plain and generic. Sometimes, they won’t match your kitchen’s overall look. That is why it is best to have customised kitchen cabinetry in your place to complete its design. Sharp Design Solutions offers interior design in Sydney, which includes crafting personalised kitchen cabinetry that will blend in with your kitchen design yet stand out from the rest.

Want More Custom Kitchen Design Ideas? Talk to Us!

Every part and aspect of your home is essential, which means that you have to make sure that it has passed the standards of both functionality and beauty. For this reason, it is best to consult an expert when trying to decide what design will best suit your place. This way, you can make good use of every available space you have while ensuring that it will end up having an attractive look.

Sharp Design Solutions doesn’t just provide you with custom kitchen design ideas but also other interior design services that will make your house feel more like home! Call us now on 0414 91 91 91, and let’s talk about how we can bring out the best version of your place.

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