Interior Design and Artwork: Finding the Perfect Match

Interior design and artwork go hand-in-hand in improving a house’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. Contrary to what others may think, framed artwork or any type of art doesn’t always clash with an existing design as long as you know how to find the perfect match.  

In this blog, we’re going to look into some ways to arrange the artwork in your home to make it all work together.

Creativity, Artwork, and Beauty

There are various ways to consider when incorporating artwork into your design. Is there a right place to hang a painting? Is it too big for the room? Or too small that you can’t even notice it’s there?

Regardless, there are no strict standards to follow when it comes to art, but you can always make it better by organising your artwork to create harmony.

1. Look Around the Room

Most artists, if not all, draw inspiration from different things for their art. Their talent and creativity enable them to come up with a work of art just by looking at the surroundings.

If you’re thinking about having a painting in your room, and you want to create one of your own, you can base its colours on the colour scheme of the place where you’ll display it. Have a look around the room and take note of the hues used in the furniture, walls, and other stuff inside it.

From there, you’ll have a colour palette for your art that won’t clash with your room’s overall look.

2. Have a Gallery Wall

If you have several photos or framed artwork to add to your interior design artwork, feel free to create a photo grid or gallery wall. Displaying a group of paintings in a single space gives out texture, story, and visual impact to the observer.  

When creating a gallery wall, map out a plan first and identify which pieces will go next to each other. Having a single artwork as a focal point will also make it more appealing, and the smaller ones will serve as branches or constellations surrounding the centrepiece. Moreover, you should also make sure that there is consistent and even spacing between each piece.

3. Sometimes, It’s the Unexpected Places

A gallery wall requires planning, exact measurements, and matched pieces of art. But sometimes, you don’t need all that to have the best design solutions for your home.

Have you ever thought about placing paintings and art pieces in unexpected places?

As people enter a beautiful home, they are most likely expecting to see luxurious paintings in the living room. But what if you also decorate areas like the kitchen, washrooms, or even laundry rooms? That’s something guests wouldn’t expect. Plus, the sight of artwork in these places can lift your spirits as you do your chores.

It’s unique and creative!

4. Add Texture

Some homeowners prefer using a single colour for their rooms. Although it brings consistency and makes everything easier to match, it may leave your interiors looking plain and feeling flat. Decorating a room with the same colour but different shades can bring more life and movement to it.

You can also hang textured artwork and use textiles, furniture, and other objects that will add more depth and variation to your room design. Moreover, texture keeps the surroundings interesting.

5. Install a Sculpture

Sculptures aren’t only for museums. If you don’t have a little kid running around the house or a pet jumping up and down, then a sculpture can be a good choice. Remember, you don’t have to restrict brilliant works of art to the walls. You can bring more life to a room into the interior space itself.

Sculptures breathe life into space and add an extra dimension to a room. It’s not every day that people see sculptures in living spaces.

6. Think Outside the Box

your home’s interior space.

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Let’s Make It Easy for You!

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