Interior Design Artwork Ideas

The world we live in is an artwork in itself—with all those constellations and natural wonders. However, we may lose sight of this beauty when we are enclosed in the four corners of a room. This is when interior artwork plays its role. But what would be the best artwork for your house? Here are some interior design artwork ideas to get you started:

1. Try Triptych  

You probably have guessed it—a triptych is an artwork divided into three sections. They can either be hinged together or separately displayed next to each other. Regardless, this type of artwork can serve various purposes:

  • tell a story;
  • create a sequence; or
  • convey connection of different elements of the same subject.

A triptych would make good wall decoration for the living room or bedroom since they can add more life and style to your home. As a creative design company, we can bring you the triptych artwork your room needs!

2. Have You Ever Considered Typography?

When we say interior design artwork, we may instantly think about drawings of nature, animals, and humans or even abstract art. But have you thought about letters?

Having your favourite book or movie lines can add more creativity to your walls. The best way to do so is to put them in frames so that you can replace them anytime you want. Plus, another good thing about typography on your walls is that it can bring inspiration to those who come inside your home!

3. What About Photo Frames?

Has it ever crossed your mind to use photo frames but instead of photos, you’ll place a wallpaper inside them?  

If you want to add a little bit of style to your plain white walls, you can use the frames you’ve been ignoring and tape wallpaper inside them. This is a twist from the usual since frames are used for photos, and wallpaper always goes with the walls. You’ll see how unique it would look!

4. Map Wall Art Is Great for Adventurers

This interior artwork design is best for people who are always on the go and are always ready for breathtaking and exciting adventures. You can have the map painted on your wall or a blank canvas—and it can be the map of the world, a continent, or a country you want to travel to. Just make sure that the colours of the map will complement the colour of your home.

5. Take a Look at Some Geometry

Geometrical designs are one of the most recommended interior design artwork ideas as they add movement and vibrance to your space. Aside from bringing balance and harmony to your home, the coordinated combination of lines and shapes can also create an interesting touch to your place.  

6. Mix and Match

Many people have always stuck to harmonious designs that complement each other. But do you know that contrast is also a good look for your home? Try different textures, patterns, colours, and even styles for your place. However, remember not to put too many elements as it may ruin the balance, and art may look chaotic and disorganised—which obviously, is not the goal.

Get the Touch of Beauty Your Place Needs with Sharp Design Solutions

We are a creative design company that can help you spruce up your place through our services, including interior design, architecture, artworks, and town planning. Sharp Design Solutions does not only bring you interior design artwork ideas. We can also design customised artwork for you so that you won’t have to settle for the ones that won’t fit your space’s overall design.

You may take a look at the results we’ve delivered to our clients on our website or contact us on 0414 91 91 91 for more details about the services we offer.

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