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Town planning design or urban planning is essential in managing land resources and making good use of them for the needs of the community. However, looking for an expert to do this may be a challenge. But that won’t be your problem with Sharp Design Solutions.

We offer town planning services for our clients in Australia while focusing on the big picture and the impact of a structure in its surrounding areas.

Why Choose Sharp Design Solutions for Town Planning?

We enjoy working with clients from an early stage of town planning until the lodgement and approval processes. We guarantee to provide you with the right guidance even during the pre-development process, where we consider the feasibility of a proposal.

Through our professional and common-sense approach, our team looks to relieve our clients of the stress and worry that often comes with dealing with local councils. We provide value throughout the life of a development project, including the inception, design development, approvals, construction, and post-approval.

1. Initial Site Assessment as Soon as Possible

Unlike interior designs, town planning involves the existing external environment of a structure. That is why the initial site assessment is important. To help you make informed and calculated decisions, our team of experts—planners, designers, engineers, etc.—will outline the possible constraints after gathering enough information about the site.

2. Achieving Balance Between Existing and Proposed Use of Land

Town planning’s general rule is to find the right balance between new innovations and protecting the existing natural environment. As such, we will always take into account that the planned development wouldn’t overlap or undermine the present use of land. And we seek to only protect or improve the natural environment.

3. Social and Strategic Planning

Our town planning services also include social and strategic planning, which means that we are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to manage development projects from start to finish. To ensure that government statutory requirements are met, we will undergo community and stakeholder consultation. Doing so also allows us to deliver services that are up to the standards of all the parties involved.

4. Comprehensive Advice and Guidance

At Sharp Design Solutions, we will make sure that you have a clear understanding and idea of the processes and plans in place. Therefore, we won’t just make plans without thoroughly discussing them with you. We also provide our clients with general planning advice and professional advice about the government’s regulations.

Let’s Work Hand-in-Hand for Your Project! Call Us Now!

Town planning design is ever-changing, mainly because of the fast-paced world we are in. This is also influenced by the changes in policy and, more importantly, the needs of the community. For these reasons, we will continue to improve our town planning services and keep up with the innovations in society with the help of technology.

Working with us will assure you that you have on your hands the right solutions and the most effective town planning design. Contact us now on 0414 91 91 91 or send an email to for more details.

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